About US


We love stories. We love to hear and tell stories.

Here at STORY OF we aim to bring a different perspective to our visual universe. Featuring artists from all over the world we try to tell a story with every material published, whether it’s fiction, photography or fashion. In a world of endless frantic scrolling and exhaustive visual consuming, we want to hack this system with stories that stick and resonate.

This is a story made of stories.


Andrei Runcanu: Founder/Editor-in-chief/Photographer - andrei@storyofmag.com

Irina Marinescu: Fashion Editor/Senior Stylist - irina@storyofmag.com

Irina Nedelcu: Fiction Editor - irina.nedelcu@storyofmag.com

Submissions: submissions@storyofmag.com (please check SUBMISSIONS page first)