We are born from one. We fall asleep to them. We dream on mythical and magical ones. We learn from some. We hear them. We tell them. We make them. And in the end, we are them. The stories that we keep and the stories that we leave as memories of us to others. Our whole existence in a word, a phrase or a page kept by others. The same way we keep fragments of others in our memory: pieces of connected events and slices of faded feelings. They're everywhere and they are everything. The narrative of existence makes life on this planet an infinite story made of stories.

When this magazine was coming into being all I knew was that I wanted something that had poetry in it, maybe melancholy or a kind of nostalgia that you can find, for example, in film photography. I wanted something you can remember. But we are nowadays taught not to remember. We have the infinite storage power of the Internet at the tip of our fingers. No need to remember anything, we can always search Google or Wikipedia. Almost all Earth and its information is in our phone. Even what others see, billions of viewpoints and experiences. And images. Thousands, daily, from all over the world, blazing towards the top of our phones' display, thrown by our finger into oblivion. But what do we remember, what does stick after the frantic and endless scrolling?

And yes, the answer is stories. And that's what our magazine aims to do, collect stories that will be remembered. Whether it's a fashion editorial or an interview, you will always find a story in our published materials. And we will always look for more stories, your stories. Real or imagined, they're welcome in our magazine. We're seeking artists from all over the world who create in the realm of visual arts and literature that have a story to tell through their creations. We embrace experiments, film photography, artistic searches, projects that are outside of the mainstream demand. Similar to life, the story of this magazine will be told through the stories of others. So let's write this together! Welcome to STORY OF magazine, a story made of stories!