Danny Lane is a Los Angeles based photographer. He is a constant contributor to magazines like C-heads, Nakid and Sticks and Stones. His work has been featured in Numéro, i-D, Purple and Brooklyn magazines.

We’ve fallen in love with Danny’s analogue photographs of beautiful girls a long time ago. He doesn’t shoot just that, but once you go on his instragram you’ll see all these natural beauties being themselves, captured in the most beautiful natural light, with their inner beauty glowing in Danny’s pictures.

But we have another part of Danny here. The one who was living in New York, feeling down and trying to get back on his feet through photography. He goes out to Chinatown and starts walking around. Instead of talking to somebody about what he feels, he goes around looking at strangers, trying to find subjects, shapes and colors that reflect his feelings. We don’t really see them, as they never really see him. It’s observational, but also more than that. We get to see him: a little lost, a little lonely, a little unsure, but on his way up.

Danny Lane Website | Instagram